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Community Wireless Networking in Western Australia


The West Australian Wireless Freenet is a community group that aims to form a state-wide, free wireless computer network utilising the public frequency bands in the 5Ghz spectrum. There exists a number of small wireless networks in WA where users connect to central access points and enjoy the benefits of a network. Our primary goal is to encourage people to join into the WaFreeNet to link together as many of these existing wireless networks as we can, and secondly, to assist networking-enthusiasts at large in joining our backbone.

Although not directly connected to the Internet, the WaFreeNet (as it's known to its users) is similar to it in that facilitates typical Internet activities such as telecommunications (text, voice and video), data-transferring and back-up, and multi-player gaming. The WaFreeNet is, by all definitions, a 'network of networks,' exactly like the Internet although much smaller. Just like the Internet, our network traffic is managed and routed by nodes and peering points, and servers and services are provided by our members (usually run on hobby machines at home). Click here for a list of services available on the WaFreeNet.

The group is entirely volunteer run; and though esoteric in nature, we encourage and facilitate the learning of key concepts and skills necessary to running safe, legal, secure and efficient computer networks. Our users donate time, radios, money and computer hardware and all share the goal of making the West Australian Wireless Freenet the best Wireless Freenet in world.

For more information on how to join the WaFreeNet please speak to us in the IRC channel, also visit the network page and use the path-profiler tool. You can also read about the equipment that may best suit you by following this link.

The WaFreeNet should not be confused with the Freenet Project.

For WaFreeNet users only -- Mirror on the wafreenet; www.wafn

WAFreeNet is proudly supported by Duxtel

WAFreeNet is proudly supported by Duxtel

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